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Welcome to our Neighborhood!

Riverdale is a quiet river valley neighbourhood located just east of the downtown core in the city of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.


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Riverdale remains distinct from other inner-city neighbourhoods in that much of its original character has been retained. Some redevelopment is occurring in the neighbourhood, but the cottage-type homes, the small church, and the brick school lend a turn-of-the-century atmosphere to Riverdale.




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Did you know?


...In October 2010 the Edmonton Dragon Boat Racing Club (EDBRC) officially opened the only dedicated dragon boat club house in western Canada on 102 Avenue and 87 Street. Their teams include co-ed teams, all-women teams, all-men teams, senior teams, and youth teams.

... the Riverdale Community league committed to being Carbon Neutral in 2008. This makes us the first hall to be carbon neutral in the whole Federation of Edmonton Community Leagues. We currently achieve our "status" via energy efficient retrofits (LED lights, on-demand hot water, high efficiency windows and more) and a small Photo Voltaic system on Riverdale House. If you have ideas to further our efforts please contact Rocky Feroe of the Sustainability Committee or consider joining the team.

Riverdale Exchange

The Riverdale Community Exchange is a new project of the Community League that is designed to help people get to know your neighbours through the exchange of services and goods.

There are many people in our community who have skills and can provide some of the services we all need. Do you ever need a massage, a bookkeeper, a plumber, computer support, babysitter, piano teacher or a photographer? Why look outside of Riverdale when your friendly neighbour down the street can do it? Perhaps you need to borrow a lawnmower, or need a lift to the farmers market. Or maybe you have some stuff in your garage you want to sell. As a member of the league you can connect to your neighbours by posting what you are offering or looking for on the community exchange.

If you have a business or a service that you offer, you can promote what you do and state how much you would charge in Canadian and Riverdale dollars. For example, a massage therapist might consider charging $65 Canadian and $10 Riverdale dollars. You don't have to accept Riverdale Dollars on the exchange, but it is a good way to reach out to people who will be looking to use their dollars. Visit the Riverdale Exchange now to explore the possibilities... Link to the Riverdale Exchange coming soon!


Save Edmonton’s Downtown Footbridge Community is a grassroots group that formed in 2013 to raise awareness of the importance of the Cloverdale footbridge and surrounding area to all Edmontonians. The group has spoken at City Hall, met with Councilors, staged rallies, participated in Jane’s Walks, suggested an alternative route for the Southeast LRT line, and collected signatures on a petition to save the bridge.

Read about Footbridge updates in News...

Residential Infill

Residential infill means new housing in established neighbourhoods. It includes new secondary suites,garage suites, duplexes, semi-detached and detached houses, row houses, apartments, and other residential and mixed-use buildings. The following are links to additional information from the City of Edmonton:

1915 Flood - 100th Anniversary

The summer of 2015 marks the 100th anniversary of a cataclysmic event involving the North Saskatchewan River that changed the life of thousands of Edmontonians: The 1915 Flood.

Fed by mountain streams via Abraham Lake and the Brazeau and Nordegg Rivers, the North Saskatchewan builds to become a significant Canadian river, its water eventually finding its way to the Hudson Bay. It is also a moody river, given not only to fluctuations of flow, height, colour and clarity throughout the year, but its sandbars constantly shift as well. And it floods. Read more on our History page...